This php has subcategory code on line 149 and 215

can you tell me if this file outputs a subcategory page?

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My view about uncommented code is that you and God knows what it does. As time passes, only God knows.

thanks for your reply, but not very helpful

Actually I had hoped you would add some comments so others and I don't have to go perform full reverse engineering on this. Also, you can post code in these forums to save others the extra step of opening pastebin.

Let's say you are adverse to documenting your code, can you at least narrow down which lines to examine? Anything over a few dozen lines needs you to tell others where to look.

This file is not standalone. It's not like we can just try executing it on our end and seeing if it does what you want it to do. It's a single file as part of a much larger library / framework, and therefore we can't just look at this file on its own to guarantee it does what it's supposed to, or has no bugs.

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