Hi wanna ask for help about game system. Our teacher requires us to make a gaming system that consist of time monitoring system, billng system but our system requires online payments to buy tokens. Hope you can help us we have no idea because our professor didn't teach anything about it kinda sucks

Dani wrote:

Sorry, I guess I’m misunderstanding you. If your teacher gave you the assignment to create a billing system, why would you create an arcade system instead?

Either way, please post the code you have so far along with where you’re stuck and what isn’t working, and we can look into helping you figure it out.

I agree that you need to reveal where you're stuck and what doesn't work. Sometimes a student has done nothing and tries to get folk on the web to write it for them. That fails since the student can't explain how the project works.

But what is it? Sometimes people try to write something but try to avoid designing the something in advance. What good is code if you didn't design first?

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Let's step back and look at the details, such as

  • What sort of game are we talking about? The mention of tokens makes it sound like it is suppose to be a simulated slot machine or arcade machine, but the 'online billing' part is a bit confusing.
  • What is the time management part for?
  • You tagged both 'JavaScript' and JQuery' in addition to VB.Net. Is the game supposed to be web-facing, and if so, how is it to be hosted? Is the VB.Net part supposed to use ASP.Net scripting server-side?
  • Are you using a Version Control System (e.g., Subversion, Git, Team Foundation Service) and an offsite repo - which you should, even for a small class project like this - and if so, could you give us a link to the repo?

At this point, we don't know enough about the project to even tell what the assignment actually is, never mind the fact that we'd need to see what you have attempted already to be able to give advice.

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I don't see the need for a private chat yet. You have not shown your work or revealed where you are stuck.
Finally, I don't see a question about your system. To proceed, reveal enough about what you are doing, what design or code issue you are having so everyone can see and comment.

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From an alert here. You wrote:

Right now we dont know how to start and a code to present because our professor didnt teach the fundamentals of vb

There are online, free tutorials for VB.net today. But once in a while I encounter a student that didn't learn programming fundamentals and somehow enrolled in a class they were not ready for. My advice to them is to switch to any other programming 101 level class so they can learn the fundamentals before taking the next tier class.

Maybe you hoped for a reply here to contain all those fundamentals here. That's what online tutorials are for. Here's a starter link for you:

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commented: What could be more definitive than MicroSOft's own tutorials? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/get-started/visual-basic/tutorial-console +15

See JamesCherill's link.

I found free tutorials on the web. If you can't find them I will write you didn't try.

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