I am very new to VB.NET. That said, I have developed a windows form that utilizes an SQL Server back end.

I am developing using Visual Studio 2008 and the 3.5 Framework. The SQL server is 2005.

I do not have any warnings or errors, and the project compiles without error. When I run the install package on another computer, everything appears to install correctly, and the shortcut is placed on the desktop. However, when opened, the cursor goes into wait mode for a few seconds then returns to normal and the form does not open.

I am using windows authentication for the SQL server, and the user of the other computer is the owner of the database I am developing for, so that person has access. I am using the following when making a connection to the SQL server:

Dim cnnSQL As New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(My.Settings.ConnectionString)

The settings for the Connection String are:

Data Source=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx;Initial Catalog=Project1;Integrated Security=True; Timeout = 60

I receive no errors and have no clue as to why it will not run. I have verified that the other system has the 3.5 SP1 framework installed.

Any advice/assistnace to get this application deployable would be great.

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I would suggest that you add a few pieces of code for Release version debugging.

In the code for the primary form, add a StreamWriter and put a bunch of writer.WriteLine("Now I'm doing this thing") lines in strategic places.

When the application launches, those lines will be written to a textfile defined in the StreamWriter. And then you can examine that file to see what's going on.

Tried your suggestion. Great advice for debugging, however, when the project was run on the other system, it did install, but does not even show the splash screen I added. Since it doesn't even load the splash screen, it does not even reach the StreamWriter code I added.

Any other thoughts?

Ok, then.
If the splash screen is supposed to be the very first thing to load, perhaps you could put those codes in that form.

And here's another tip.
Load up the Task Manager and select the services tab.
Than fire up your application and keep an eye on the task manager.
If you applications exe shows up in the list, then you know for sure that it's actually being started.
If not, you should examine the EventLog to see if Windows has reported any failures.

Watched both the task manager and the eventlog and nothing.

I will code a simple "hello world" project and see if that will work.

I will post the results.

Ok, turns out there was a shapecontainer and a line that required the powerpack dll. I removed the items and the reference for the powerpack.

Everything runs great now.


I encountered this challenge when i began to develope desktop applications with vb.net studio 2015, 2010
whenever i used crystal report to generate my reports in my app, the setup will install and open in my dev system but whenever, i installed it in another system say win 7 and win 10. it will install but not open after the installation.
i solved the problem by downloading and installing
SAP Crystal Reports e.g CRforVS_13_19 in those system, this solves the problem

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