Hi may i ask if someone can help us about where we can create a token payment system for our gaming system in vb.
I want to create a payment system in vb using token in registration through online payment and user can set the token they wanted after playing the game. The value of a 1 token is 5 persos in our currency and 1 token is equivalent to 10 minutes of playing time

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It would have been better if you'd posted more details in the threads you'd already started, rather than re-posting mre or less the same thing in a new post each time. While you've given us some more details, it still isn't enough to do anything with, I'm afraid. We really need to see what you have tried yourself already.

Also, don't tag in languages which aren't connected to the problem at hand, please.You've said it is in VB.Net, so why mention Python and PHP?

def change_char(str1):
char = str1[0]
str1 = str1.replace(char, '$')
str1 = char + str1[1:]

return str1


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