Accessing PostgreSQL Database from PHP

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This code snippet will attempt to show newbies to php how to connect and retrieve data from a PostgreSQL Database Server using PHP.

// Initiate the connection
$conn = pg_connect('dbname=<database>');
<database> is the name of your database. It is assumed to reside on the server you are running this code from
Alternatively use something like this:
$conn = pg_connect('host=myserver port=5432 dbname=database user=someuser password=secret'); 
if (!$conn) { // Check if valid connection
// NO, some error occured
echo "Error Connecting to database<br>";
// add your error handling function here or just exit :)
} else {
// Valid connection, we can go on to retrieve some data
Assume we have a table with user data called user_table
Username Password Userlevel 
user1      pass1       1
user2      pass2       2

1.)  Retrieve all rows and display it in a table
$query = "select * from user_table order by Username";
$result = pg_query($conn,$query);
if (!$result) {
// Error on Query
// Your Error code Here
}  else {
 numrows = pg_numrows($result);
 echo "<table>";
 for ($i=0; $i < $numrows ; $i++) {
      $DataArr = pg_fetch_rows($result,$i);
      echo "<tr><td>$DataArr[0]</td><td>$DataArr[1</td><td>$DataArr [2]<td></tr>";
} // For
echo "</table>";
} // Query
} // Connection
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I'm sure the code is good, but I recommend the use of the popular ADOdb class library for database access. It is fast and robust and allows you to use the same code to connect to multiple databases as needed.

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