Hi ..
i was trying to install MySQL apache server and php4. i did instal MySQL and Apache and they did work fine on.. but php didnt get install properly, i installed MySQL and Apache on D. and Php in C drive its a same hard disk though, do u guys think thats the reason....

could be.. i dont install it often eneough to be sure but if there was a
dependancy on resources for this thing to work then you might stand a
pretty good chance of a failed install.. there is an easy way to find out though
just attempt an install on D: instead of C: if there is an install script you can
always put a "-x" after #!/usr/bin/sh (unix type scripts) to give you a verbose
output of errors.. of course you did say "C:" instead of 'c0t1d0s0' or the like
what OS are you running? On which drive is your OS located? what version of
PHP? any errors? we need a bit more info to do more than guess.. otherwise
thats the best I have offhand.

I install all my WAMP on C: drive so that shouldn't be a problem :(