how to avoid validation summary when required field validator is disabled

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how to avoid validation summary when required field validator is disabled..i am disabling required filed validator from java script...eventhough i disabled it ...error message is shown in validation summary.
I am facing the error... Explain how to go ahead ... i need to go ahead with jsp, javascript, not with asp or

Santhosh A

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
  <TITLE> New Document </TITLE>
  <META NAME="Generator" CONTENT="EditPlus">
  <META NAME="Author" CONTENT="">
  <META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="">
  <META NAME="Description" CONTENT="">
<script type="text/javascript">
function dis()
var obj;

 <BODY onload="dis();">
  <tr bgcolor="#D8BFD8">
                    <td colspan="2" align="left" width="35%" height="" class="tblcont2">Are you an Ex-Serviceman</td>
                    <td colspan="4" align="left" valign="middle" class="tblcont2">
                       <input type="radio" align="left" id ="opt_exs" name="opt_exs" value="Yes" onclick ="ShowSpanRB(,true)"> Yes
                       <input type="radio" align="left" id ="opt_exs" name="opt_exs" value="No" onclick ="ShowSpanRB(,false)" Checked> No
                        <span id="opt_exsOther" style="display:none"> Total period of Service (in months)
                              <input type="text" id="txtexs" name="txtexs" size="10" maxlength="3"  onkeyup="valNumber(this)"> (Max 2 digits)
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