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OK! I've just sent an email from my gmail account with IE7 screenshot. The discrimination works!


please mail them to me --- tefflox [at] gmail.com

or if it is pertinent to the question, post on the board. thank you

please keep it on site. Read the rules regarding requests for responses by email


I tried to read some of those links -- horrible, someone needs to get off drugs. And the text fading in and out like that is extremly annoying. I'd delete this whole thread only because those links are soooo awful.


I've fixed the text wrap problem for IE, but it would be great if I can get the transparency effect on the cover (see attached screenshot) to work.

It's an art journal, Mr. Man. We don't sell you stuff you don't need. One gets you ten that what your really need right now, is nowhere to be found. Late Capitalism, it's called.

Try it. You don't need post-avant poetry and poetics, it's right here for you to flame. Say what you really, really need is some lip balm (aka Chapstick). One gets you ten you won't find it until you go out and buy another stick. Would you disagree?

I think you should lose rep power for flagrant disregard for honest queries. Like half of it.

Sound fair? Of course it does. But then, you don't need fairness, right now.. do you?

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