Will work on latest:Chrome Safari Firefox Opera and all versions of IE.
*(client notifications are for demonstration purposes only, and subject to designer decisions and modifications )

Can be used for size and mime-type restrictions.

When mime-type is not an issue, accepting any kind of image format can be done usnig "image" as a function argument.
Multiple mime-types allowed should be separated with the following syntax: "gif|jpeg|png" etc. [see the demo].
Numeric value signifies the maximum size in kilobytes.

Benefits: your client doesn't have to wait until the image uploads on the server just to see that his file is a byte or two bigger than acceptable or of a wrong image type. Reduces wasted bandwidth on wrong content tests and unnecessary server load.
No further scripting required for submit action denial when wrong type/size detected.

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<!doctype html>
<title>client-side image (type/size) upload validation</title>
<meta charset=utf-8>

<form><fieldset><legend>Image upload</legend>
<input type=file onchange="getImg(this,500,'jpeg|png')">


function getImg(input,max,accepted){
	var upImg=new Image(),test,size,msg=input.form;
	return input.files?validate():

        "author: b.b. Troy III p.a.e";

	function validate(){

	size>max?(input.form.reset(),msg.innerHTML=max+"KB Exceeded!"):
	msg.innerHTML="Upload ready...":	
	(input.form.reset(),msg.innerHTML=accepted+" file type(s) only!")



I don not know your real name but i know that you are a genious programmer, your srcipt works like a charm and solved a big problem for me ,
please note that in line 12 we should use "file" for the input type insted of file.

Thank you so much! I will be referring to this in a future project!

@hamid, No Hamid that's not true.
I was there when quotes were introduced in HTML for the first time in history of the web. They were introduced as allowed means of expressing values which contain "word-break characters".
Meaning, not only they are neither mandatory nor required, they are allowed to be used in a naming tentative which would otherwise break in two or more tokens in case that it required a wbr char.
So, no. Quotes are not required to keep the token in one peace when there are no word breaking characters present. And because this is HTML, not xhtml.