I contacted the host of my project for a problem I was having with inserting data from a form into a db on their server. One of the answers they gave me was:

...for future reference, never declare a prefix, always leave this option blank.

I understand what a prefix is in English grammar, but what does it mean in php code? I have been teaching myself php with tutorials and none of them have mentioned this term. I hadn't even realized that I had even used a prefix. I was just modifying code that I found in tutorials based on on current needs and on advice from people here.

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...for future reference, never declare a prefix, always leave this option blank.

May be they are talking about the prefix while creating a database. For example, if your host is somehost, it will add prefix somehost_databasename while creating a database. I guess thats what they mean by that.

Hmm, yeah, that does seem to fit. It was the first database that I set up, so I was winging it when I made the name, and I did put the domain name in the database name. Later, I thought that I shouldn't have done that, looks bad in my oppinion.

yeah.. its confusing sometimes and most of the time, you tend to forget that you have a prefix !!

Thanks for clarifying that for me.

I named my db:
You are saying that the befit4riding.com is not necesarry, correct?

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