I am just getting to know the abilities of AJAX and it sounds pretty powerful. I have gotten feedback on a couple new projects I am working on and many responses say that AJAX is the way to go. My question is...is AJAX something a novice can use? Can you recommend any books/website resources that will help me learn AJAX?


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> AJAX something a novice can use?
That depends on what you mean by novice. If by noivce you mean someone new to programming then it would be a tough call. But if have any exposure to web development it should be a breeze.

> Can you recommend any books/website resources that will help me learn AJAX?
Joshua's Blog, Ajaxian, Ajaxpatterns and Jim Ley's site are good to go.

Ajax book reviews here.


yes AJAX "Asynchrone javascript and xml" has an advantage, If u have some experiences on developping dynamics web pages using PHP or ASP
when a request is sent from an HTML client to the server. The client will be frozen until the server post back the response in an entireASP or PHP page including the response
With AJAX there is no need to expect the server reponse as the first letter mention A means Asynchron, so u can do other think within the client because it will not be frozen again while the response is still in construction, other advantage is that u can publish the response from the server within your client side html page without having the necessity that the server send an entire PHP, ASP or JSP page containing the response

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