Hey guys!

I hope I'm not violating the "No Advertisement Policy" by posting this, but I thought (am hoping) that some people might be interested so I posted anyways.

My name is Jim, and I am currently in the process of creating an e-commerce website using PHP and MySQL. Although I won't go into too much detail here, it is basically a site that aims to bring together two diverse groups of people: software buyers (people that NEED software) and software developers (people that MAKE software). The concept is somewhat similar to the website RentACoder.com, but the business model is entirely different. After writing a short "business proposal" document I've managed to convince myself that the idea may be able to make some money.

I was wondering if there are any developers out there with knowledge of Object Oriented Design/PHP/MySQL/CSS that might be interested in assisting with the development of the website in exchange for a share of the profits. I am looking for about 4 developers in total (3 with good knowledge of OOD/MySQL/PHP and 1 with good knowledge of CSS). This would be part-time work-from-home kind of environment. I think this is an excellent opportunity for people that have some spare time and want to invest it for a chance to be a part of something great.

If anyone is interested, or simply curious about my progress so far, please send me an e-mail at jimpossible2k@gmail.com. I would be happy to chat about my idea =).

Thanks for reading this far!


The section you're looking for is Job Offers in the IT Water Cooler forums up at the top there