I am working on developing a slideshow tool in JavaScript/HMTL. I have everything done and working except for some functionality that I would like when selecting the input images. The way I currently am doing this is by what could be called a standard browse button. When you click on the browse button you get the normal open dialog box to appear (classic Windows Style) and you can select the image. After clicking OK the box goes away and you are shown the location to the file.

I have an add photo button to allow another file to be selected in the same way as above. What I am really looking for though is a way to select multiple photos at once or select an entire folder and have the Javascript/HTML upload the photos automatically. All files that would ever be selected would be in the same folder.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about this? If you can provide code that would be great but if you can only give general guidelines that is still fantastic.


I dont think u can do that. if succeeded pls post the ans. here itself.

and have the Javascript/HTML upload the photos automatically.

this thing u cant do with js or html as it may create security problem, hence not there.

We come up with two potential work-arounds. There is no "real" fix per say. The first way we came up with was just getting the photos on the server using FTP first which would allow lots of photos to be uploaded all at once. This is the method I am going to implement in my code. The second way this could be done is by Zipping all of your photos and then selecting to upload one zip file which would then be uncompressed on the server side. Neither of these are as elegant as I had hoped for but they can work very well without many extra steps.

what abt selecting multiple file at once, i think that's not possible in web envi.

I tried just selecting multiple files at once and it wouldn't work. I could only select one file at a time. If you know of some way to do this please let me know.


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