Hi all,,

My problem is that,,My query is not working correctly when the time of loading the page...
But if we echo the query and try to run the same query in PHP MYAdmin then the query is running correctly...
For example if i need all the records having sex female?
There are total 3 females but at the run time the query will only display 2 records..
but the same query will display the all 3 records in php my admin..

How this happen..??? Please help me..


I think the problem is on how you echo the results.

could you please post your code?

These are the echo statements ........
But these same echo statements are displaying the 2 records correctly on loading the page....

<td width='503' height='19'><font face='Arial' style='font-size: 9pt'>
$row[personal_name];<b>($row[personal_code])</b>,$row[personal_present_address],Tel:&nbsp;$row[personal_phone], E-mail:
<a href='mailto:$email'><font color='#000000'>
$email</font></a>,<b>Joined&nbsp;$course_name1,$course_name2,$course_name3,&nbsp; at
$eng_date - Total Paid $total_paid/-. Balance $balance/- payment $payment_date.</b></font></td>
<td width='169' height='19'>
<font face='Arial' style='font-size: 10.5pt'><b>
<a href='registration-result-reports.php?id=$p_code'>Continue to Payment &gt;&gt;</a></b></font></td>