Hello ,

i am new to AJAX. I don't know anything about AJAX. Can any one tell me What is AJAX.
In which language we can use it.. and how.. , need of AJAX.
Or any link to refer.

Thanking You.

Thanks.. for reply. But do you have any tutorial for this..


I am studying AJAX too. It's very wondeful to develop our application. Gmail is an example using AJAX.

now i get some idea over AJAX. i want to down load and install it on my system. I am using .net 1.0 is installation of AJAX affect my .net to run smoothly. Is there will be any problem?

Please guide. Thanks.

ajax is totaly client side javaScript technology, so what ever server side scripting language you are using it should work.
One more thing it doesnot need to install any thing as it is pure javaScript technology.

Have a nice time with this beautiful technology !!!

that is kind of library MS is providing, but without that also you can work with ajax, using pure java script. Actually that library also internally use javaScript for ajax.
I would suggest that you start without any installation using pure JavaScript. Later you can have test of those library.

Those library will make your life easy, but since you are trying to learn ajax, try out without that.

Hi DengerDev,
Thanks for reply. ok. i will learn using pure java script as you said.

Have a nice time.