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I am trying to upload a file to IIS Webserver using MS Posting Acceptor. The URL from where the File is being Uploaded is
h ttp://localhost/ccs/RakeUpload.asp

After the File has been uploaded, it should be processed by another page 'RakeProcess.asp'

After the File is uploaded, the URL is changing to

h ttp://localhost/Scripts/cpshost.dll?PUBLISH?h ttp://localhost/CCS/RakeProcess.asp

The Home directory is changing to H ttp://localhost/Scripts/
Consequently all my references to other pages (Style sheets and all) are getting mucked up. So I decided to receive the file in one page (GetRakeFile.asp) and redirect to my actual processing page.

Code of the GetRakeFile is

<%Response.Buffer = true

	Dim strServerURL
	Dim strRepostURL
	strServerURL = "http://" + Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")
	strRepostURL = strServerURL & "/CCS/RakeProcess.asp"
	Dim mCount
	Dim mFileName
	Dim mFileSize
	If Request.Form("FilePath").Count = 0 then
		mCount = 0
		mFileSize = ""
		mCount = 1
		mFileName = Request.Form("FileName")(1) & Request.Form("FileExtention")(1)
		mFileSize = Request.Form("FileSize")(1) & " bytes"
	end if
	strRepostURL = strRepostURL & "?Count=" & mCount & "&FileName=" & mFileName & "&FileSize=" & mFileSize
	Response.Redirect strRepostURL 

So it should redirect to h ttp://localhost/CCS/RakeProcess.asp along with the parameters. But the Redirection is not working. It is showing the contents of RakeProcess.asp (without the stylesheets) under the URL

h ttp://localhost/Scripts/cpshost.dll?PUBLISH?h ttp://localhost/CCS/GetRakeFile.asp?

How do I change my Home directory back to H ttp://localhost/CCS/ ?

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