Was wondering if anyone can tell me why the code below does not work!
I am presuming it is something to do with the array but can't figure it out.


var userpasswords = ['sooty', 'plane', 'sandra', 'football', 'laundry'];
var password;

password = window.prompt('Please enter your password','')

while (password != userpasswords)
    window.prompt('You have not entered a incorrect password. Please try again','');
document.write('You are logged in')

You need to iterate over the array and compare each array entry against the user input. Currently, you are comparing an array object with a string, hence the error.

for(var i = 0, max = arr.length; i < max; ++i) {
  var found = false;
  if(arr[i] == pwd) {
    found = true;
if(found) {
  alert("Correct password");
} else {
  alert("Incorrect password");


Am sorry for this dumb question but am very new to this.
I can follow your code apart from the first line. Could someone possible elaborate on it and explain what everything means?

Thanks for your help so far.


> I can follow your code apart from the first line.

I am just stepping through the elements of the array using a loop and comparing each element with the user input. If it matches, then the user has entered a correct password. If all the elements have been tested without a match, then the password is incorrect.

If you still have trouble understanding the basic programming concepts, maybe you should start off with some basic programming / javascript tutorials, practice a lot and attempt your project once you are comfortable with those.