I am using ajax and jsp in my web application.
The user is required to fill out a few forms, for this i am using ajax to go through the forms, on one of the forms i need to set the session bean value and i am unsure as to how to do that.

Do i submit the form to a servlet then cause the servlet to redirect to a particular page within the specified div tag.

I have to use struts 1.1 though.

any help will be appreciated.

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Yes, submit the form to a servlet, perform the processing and redirect to a page whose output you would like to have in responseText attribute of the XMLHttpRequest object.


thanx for the reply.

when setting the value in the servlet do i call the setter method ?
or use request.setAttribute() ?


Since you need to set the bean in the session scope, you need to do something like session.setAttribute("YourBeanName", yourBeanReference); . Read the form values in a normal manner; the same way you would do for a normal form submission i.e. request.getParameter("formFieldName");

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