I needed some in making a comment box. I am making a website most of the thing are done, but one important thing I still need to do is add comment box or textarea. I tried in html but looks like i need .php codes and i have no idea. I need to add comment box where users can put comment on my page and also reply to other comments. any help would be great. Thanks

the textarea is html. just the processing is done by php.

Basically it looks as follows:


<form method=post action="process.php">
<textarea name=comment style="..."></textarea>
<input type=submit>

sends the text in the textarea to "process.php" when user presses the submit-button. Variable is called "comment"


echo $comment;   //save or whatever

PHP fetchs the variable and prints it on the screen. Instead of printing you can send it via email or save it in a db.

hello can yu help me with my assignment???

i need to write a program which produces a simple multiplication tableof the following formatfor integers in range 1 to 9

sample output:

input number: 9
input limit: 9


Thanks for resurrecting an old thread that has absolutely nothing to do with your problem just to ask for someone to do your bloody homework for you. Thanks for wasting people's time.