Can someone please help with some of my issues on tha rating script.

Here is the sample of the url: http://paperstreetmedia.com/rating-script/

Here is how it is setup, the boxes are rollovers of images. Then I set the css on it to show numbers from 1-10 on each box. Now the problem is that when I hover or select a rating, the numbers from the start has gone. Like for instance I go to 5, the numbers 1-4 has gone, then the number 5 is off the box.

Hope someone could help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,
the key is this line in your CSS: .unit-rating li a:hover You cover the other A's with the active A. Change z-index:20; to say 10 and it will show below not over them. (tested in Firefox)

The number is off the box because it is right aligned while other A's are not. There's no easy solution to this. You could right-align all A's (not just the a:hover) but that wouldn't look good. So after you change the alignment, you could put a padding <div> inside of all <a></a> or add a couple of &nbsp; after each number.

P.S.: This thread is about PHP, not CSS or JavaScript.