Hey guys,

I am trying to overlap some layers in html and I have done so using absolute positioning and it looks fine using internet explorer. BUT, when I try and view the page using Safari or Firefox, the layers are overlapped but not in the correct place. In other words, the layers are off by a bit. Can anyone tell me why this may be? Is there a cure for this? Thanks in advance.

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That was somewhere along the lines of what I was originally thinking was the problem. I was thinking about solving it by using a function that reads which browser the user is using, and then using something like: if(usingIE) then use these settings.......else use these settings (for any other browser). Right now my page shows up on any version of Internet Explorer exactly the same. I have the newest version, my roommate has an old version, and the school I go to has some computers with versions that are older than mine but newer than my roommates....and the website appears the same on all of them. Using safari and firefox however, is a different story. So it appears to be an IE issue as of right now that should be able to take care of just by creating two separate sets of style settings. I don't know....I'll post back in a few hours to let you know if it works. Thanks for the reply


I fixed it by simply changing the content by adding xml and also changing the charset. However now I have a different problem. Now the website looks fine on my Dell lapotop, but the input forms are stretched way too long on my macintosh when using firefox and safari. Weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird.

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