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I was curious if anyone had an addition to this post that would allow it to have a popup window asking if user wanted to refresh their time? Any clue how this could be added. Never done much with popups. Also, I want to pull time from database and update database upon refresh. Anyone know how to do this? if so, can you post code please??

I did :) and while this was very helpful I am having problems getting it to work in the "website in a box" setup I am using. I am probably trying too hard.

I have one more question, in my web application if i deletes the history still m able to access my application. It should not allow me to access the application right?
please any suggestion for this it will helps me.

you ALWAYS have to die() after header('location

otherwise the page continues through and session varibles can get really really goofy. See the manual.

If you use any code in this thread and give the server heavy load, nobody can logout because it destorys the session, then creates a new one with a new session time on the same page before logout.php can load.

header('logout.php'); die; // fixed.

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