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I am very new to AJAX. Just in the learning stage. i am working on an asp application in which AJAX is implemented. The overhead is it is working fine in the production but not in test environment(both browsers are IE only). Through some debugging i found out that the XMLHttp object's send method is not working. Please help me out to get better insight of the problem.
The only change done was the application was moved to test server newly.
Are there any prerequisite settings to be done in iis server to implement AJAX?

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I believe IIS installs asp for you on your server, and the only thing AJAX needs to work is Javascript and XML (or HTML or XHTML). And that's all standard unless you have Javascript disabled or something crazy like that. So you should be set on that end.

I highly doubt it's anything wrong with your configuration. It's probably just something wrong in the code. If you could post some code that'd be helpful.



Implementing Ajax is browser dependent, please check your code for browser dependencies.

Use try{ ... yoru code ... } catch(e) { alert(e); } to see whats going wrong.
XHR also requires the same origin for request and remote server. Even if www or a sub domain is considered a different origin.