So the .csv file is an exact replica of the .txt file?

yes it is

I think I figured it correct me if I am wrong...

while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 100000, ',', '"')) !== FALSE)					{
		//echo("<br />"); 
		$value1 = $data[0];
		$value2 = $data[1];
		$value3 = $data[2];
		$value4 = $data[3];
		$value5 = $data[4];
		$value6 = $data[5];
		$value7 = $data[6]; 
		$value8 = $data[7]; 
		$value9 = $data[8];
		$value10 = $data[9]; 
		$value11 = $data[10]; 
		$value12 = $data[11]; 
		//echo("<br />"); 
		$query = "INSERT INTO testtsttbills (account,service,date,time,timebandtype,destination,callednumber,mins,airtimecharge,tollcharge,amt,privatenumber) VALUES ('$value1','$value2','$value3','$value4','$value5','$value6','$value7','$value8','$value9','$value10','$value11','$value12')";						
		$qry = mysql_query($query,$conn) or die("<b>A fatal MySQL error occured</b>.\n<br />Query: " . $query . "<br />\nError: (" . mysql_errno($conn) . ") " . mysql_error($conn));

Last week, when I ran the code, I had


....this was displaying the data that was being uploaded...since I was trying to upload 300000+ records, it was a confusion to the computer to upload that much data as well as to display it at the same resources were totally used up...therefore creating the rows, without the data in the well as the runtime error...and also freezing the upload....

That's wierd :-/

yea, I could either be my explanation there or the fact that the computer was shut down for the entire weekend, and I restarted it this morning...:D ...I'm just glad it's working now...:)

I don't think inserting and displaying would cause the problem! But anyway, problem fixed ?

yep...thank you so much...