Hi any 1 can tell me how to upload image folder instead og single_2 image.I want upload all image of folder. so i ma getting problem in this. i have seen many script in which we can use multiple image upload,in which u could create more then 1 text box of file type, but i dont need this. I want upload all image as like used by some of site like flkr.... etc.
If any 1 have such type of script please send me .

Plese help me as quick as possible in post related image folder upload instead of 1 by 1 image upload

No it is not possible. this is due to limitations of the upload capabilities of the web browsers. You can upload just one file at the time from each Form File Field control you place.
So you can have 5 File Fields on your form - then 5 files can get uploaded at the same time.

For uploading multiple files at a time:


Your best bet is to zip a folder, upload it and use PHP to unzip it on the local file system.

Well, it sounds like he doesn't need to do it personally, but needs to have a script that can do it for users of the script he's writing.

I've thought about doing something like this, but I never got around to it. I would suggest doing it with a dynamic form, that way the number of uploads is not limited.

Maybe something similar to this: