Hi all,

I have an aspx file which contains both Javascript & HTML Content.
Since IE caches all .js files, i extracted the javascript content from my aspx file into a seperate .js file and referred the same in my aspx too..

<script language="javascript" src="../lorappresultsmanagement/resulttab.js"></script>

Now the problem at runtime is that in a IE7 version it works fine but the page fails to render in IE6.

Somebody please help me on this...

Thanks in advance,

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You might need to add the attribute:



Also make sure that you are clearing all browser cache.

<script language="javascript" >

are equivalents and for your kind information it's working for all other Script files except for this particular file alone. The Reason may be i'm using some special characters within the .js file.

I did clear the Browser's cache... No Use...

How long is your .js file, can you post/attach it? If so, can you narrow it down to the function that is not working correctly?

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