Software: MN Tech Solutions Content Management System Software
Version: 0.0
Developer: MN Tech Solutions
Programmer/Designer: Mustafa Neguib (Founder of MN Tech Solutions)

ok guys here it is . the project that i have been working on for the past two weeks. i have already got the green light from the mods to start this thread.

can u guys test the system for me, and tell me if u encounter any errors. also while ur at it try to access the admin panel, and see if u can hack into it. if u can then please tell me.

the link is

i have also created a user for you to test.

user name: abc
password: cde

note that this is the first time that i have something using php and mysql.
ive learnt c++ in uni but have self taught my self php and mysql.

also note that i am not going to put this software for download for free as i have worked day and night. this system is going to be used for my own sites and also for the sites that i make for others.

also make sure this is a basic system. i havent included the advanced stuff like avatars , user profiles, email system, smilies, bb code. i will be adding these inshAllah in the subsequent versions.

thanx in advace

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good job for the most part. you need to work on your form validation though. i clicked submit on the register page, and it made a blank account. then i went to the login page and just pressed the login button and i got into your system.

you need to validate email address.

you need to make sure only numbers are used in the age field. ect.

hope that helps.

Mustafa, nice job! You're getting there, but you need to do more finishing touches. I logged in and went to write a new article. I wrote the first one without entering anything on the "Subject" field, and the form was submitted successfully. Again the form was submitted when I filled out the "Subject" field but nothing on the "Article content" field.

I will be visiting more often. Good luck!!!

The menus aren't the same in all the pages. In this page, , user control seems cluttered. And also, in index.php, website statistics is out of place. See the screenshot to see what I am talking about. Good job btw !

yeah, nav33n is right. you designed your site for IE but not firefox. make sure your site is compatible with all major browsers (this is not easy to do)

thanx guys, ill look into the problems asap.

about the firefox problem, im working on a seperate style sheets for mozilla, ie, and opera cos those r the only browsers that i have. ill try to make the site compatible with the other browsers as well.

the validation stuff.

currently im new to php and as i learn it and find new ways to do things ill be fixing them.

like for example for article display i used the technique i use in c++ by using files, and the pagination thing went from there.

the problem is that since php is new to me i dont know many functions, but as will learn it more ill improve the software.

hey guys. i have fixed the style sheet problem for opera, firefox, and ie.
though opera has a bug i think cos i cant get to take my footer right to bottom.

i also have worked on the user authentication and have completed that as well. now i have to design the logic for reducing the number of comments from the user count when an article is deleted as when the article will be deleted so will all the comments posted in that aticle.

i also have to make image buttons for the links.

will post the updates.

Good job.

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