Hi all,

Can i know how to do the checkbox validation........
i used the code below but its not validating.....

var val;
alert("Select type of your Contract")
return false;


Can you post the html code that you are using.

	<td valign="top">Which type of Contractor, <br>you are?</td>
	<td valign="top"><strong>:</strong></td>
																<td><input type="Checkbox" name="contype[]"  value="A"> Auto Glass<br>
<input type="Checkbox" name="contype[]" value="W"> Windows and Patio Doors with Frames<br>
<input type="Checkbox" name="contype[]" value="T"> Glass for Table tops, Mirrors and Shower doors&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="error_text" style="vertical-align:top;color:red">*</span></td>

I dont see any place where u are calling the javascript function that will do the validation.

U could have a button that will call that function then the validation might work.