i want to make a login window that should be opened in the same window .
this window opener must be disabled.
please can any one help me to resolve this problem
thank you so much

its just a hidden div <div style="display:none" id="divlogin"><!-- login content here --></div> you can change the display value with


it could be a solution but this division should exist in every page and it is not a window.
i will try to be more clear
it s a window moving in the main one that couldn t be selected while this window is opened.
and thanks for help

Are you looking for a window that hovers down the page? What you are asking for is still not entirely clear.

You might also want to look at a "modal dialog" solution - there are alot available - if you are using a javascript framework such as jQuery - you can use one of their plug ins.

that s exactly what i want to do.
thank you for the solution.
it s not necessary to use javascript if any framework else can make it possible i ll use it.