I saw one of these and looked very effective and professional.

I have been doing research and four methods have come up:
- Flash
- Javascript

So which to use and why?


If so how do I make one? Any tutorials?

Thanks, Regards X

Flash would be the easiest (in my opinion), because it is widely used and results in a very small file in comparison to animation supportive graphics like .gif. All of the ads you see on this page are Flash. You could also use Flash with PHP or PHP with JavaScript to dynamically pull and rotate images from the server. CSS is used to arrange how things appear in the browser. It seems like you need an understanding of what each of the above is used for before implementation.

I have an idea of what each is used for.

I know you can make a photo gallery with all the languages stated BUT im looking to find out how to do it in each language.

I want a side scrolling photo gallery that when you click on the item a little pop up CLEAN window appears (like one here at daniweb that explains to you the coding instructions) and then a little close button in the bottom right hand corner.

Thanks, Regards X