hi it me again.
right now i had a problem with this code. when i open with ie6, it worked but if i use ie7,safari and firefox, the result didn't show up.here i provide the code. the error is where i mark it with the red color. please someone help me?

php code.....

<BODY onLoad="init_table();" style=" background-repeat:repeat; background-image:url('images/bg_b.gif');">

javascript code..

<script type="text\javascript" >
   function requestUrl(url,id,redirectPage) {      
		var temp=new Array();
			http.open("GET", url, true);
			http.onreadystatechange = function() {
				if (http.readyState == 4) {
				  if(http.status==200) {
			  		var results=http.responseText;
					if(redirectPage=="" || results!="1") {
						var temp=id.split("~"); // To display on multiple div 
						var r=results.split("~"); // To display multiple data into the div 
						if(temp.length>1) {
							for(i=0;i<temp.length;i++) {	
						} else {
							document.getElementById(id).innerHTML = results;
					} else {

	   function init_table() {


please check,
r u include?or not

<script src="jsfile.js"> </script>

in which the init_table() function is defined

yes..but in firefox it give me init_table() is not defined....some say should use window.onload...what window.onload do and how to call init_table() from window.onload if i put init_table inside the external js.

thank for the help..i already figured out the problem...:)