hi all
i m very new to php n wanna knw hw can i add a richtext box in my application...

thanx in advance..

Hi shobhit25 and Welcome to DaniWeb :)

What do you mean by a rich text box? I would like to help you out, please give me a little more information on what you are after.

basically it looks likes a text area..having some additional feature being displayed at the top of it like smilies, bold and italic buttons......or u can take the example of the text area we we are using in order to chat in this forum

thanks 4 reading my request..

I believe what you are looking for is typically written in JavaScript, not PHP...since JavaScript has the ability to change the contents of the page without reloading the page and PHP only works on the server, not after the page has loaded.

Here is one link to such a utility -- much easier to borrow someone else's since many are already out there.

Or maybe search Google for
javascript rich text editor tutorial

Good luck

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Thx Buddy such links More useful...