Hi -

Can someone please help me?
I have a html table generated by php mysql and have a header to download it to excel.
My problem is, I have this cell/table data that displays .10 in html and when I exported it in excel it displays as 0.1. The proper output should be the ones displayed in html table, and they don't allow me to add a single quote or anything to change the value to string.
Is there anyway special php formatting I need to know before downloading it to excel?
Can anyone guide me on these please?


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Hi there,
in HTML apply this


to cells with your . values or define a CSS class with this style and apply the class.


Thanks for the reply petr.pavel.
I tried the style that you suggested and it added a single quote before the value. I ask them about this before and they prefer if theres no extra character shown.
Late yesterday, a co worker of mine gave me a link ...http://www.akbkhome.com/blog.php/View/78/78_Generating_excel_again.html. XML to excel is one of the solution but for a quicker way we can use PEAR spreadsheet excel writer..http://pear.php.net/manual/en/package.fileformats.spreadsheet-excel-writer.php.
Hope this one could help someone else..thanks


I tried the style that you suggested and it added a single quote before the value.

Uhm, I find it difficult to believe that a CSS style could add an apostrophe.
Can you give me an URL with the HTML table you're trying to import? Or can you attach it here?


Sorry petr.pavel, my bad.
I forgot to remove the single quote I've added to my code before.
And I tried you suggestion again and it works, Thanks!!!
You have saved me a lot of time...Cheers!

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