Java and JavaScript are two different technologies develop by different companies just with similar name and language structure

Java is a programming language that is used almost everywhere. It can be in server side web pages (eg: JSP) or in the browser (Java applet) or in desktop software, mobile phones etc.
PHP is used mainly on the server side, so when you say PHP, you most likely mean server side PHP.
JSP is a Java framework (the most popular of many I believe), used to building Java server side pages.

Here is the JSP forum on this site:

You could get a lot of help with JSP there.

JavaScript on the other hand, is very different from the two. It does not run on the server, it only runs in the browser. It is comparable to VBScript or Jscript which is available only in IE browsers. JavaScript on the other hand runs in all major browsers.

Relation to Java:

JavaScript was originally called LiveScript. It was named JavaScript in order to promote Java. This was a marketing deal between Netscape who created JavaScript and Sun who created Java. Other then that, and that they both share the same syntax derived from C, there is no relationship.

When you first posted, I think everyone was under the impression that you could not use JSP on your host, or any other server side language - since you wanted to use JavaScript (which only runs in the browser). That is why PHP on a separate server was recommended (in addition to you having invested in the PHP review script). If you were in the JSP forum, JSP on a separate server would have been recommended.

But since your host allows you to use JSP and edit it, then there is really no need for a separate server.

I think you should let go of the PHP review script you have, and just focus on a JSP solution - either getting a JSP review script or having someone code a custom solution. This is the simplest solution, and the one that will get you the best SEO results.

If you want to tackle it yourself, then the JSP forum is where to start. JSP should actually be easier then any of the JavaScript or Flash solutions mentioned - those solutions are quite "sophisticated" compared to the JSP solution.