hello there,

i want to make my web application to desktop application. My application is in php so i want to create a exe file from php.

is there any way ?


no is the short answer to that, PHP is a server side logic language. You would be looking at C, or C++ something like that

PHP is a scripting language which doesn't get compiled into an executable (an exe) the way C or C++ would.

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Was thinking along the lines of GTK, but then I came across this site:


I've never used nor have I seen it before 2 minutes ago.

PHP is a server side scripting language. For you to convert this into a stand-alone app, you would need a compiler.

miniPHP Studio does allow you to build a desktop application using PHP. It's less than perfect and your app may require some re-engineering to go from a server to the desktop. It can work but you have to decide if it is worth the trouble or if you are better off just rebuilding it.

thanks to all.

i think diafol is right, i will try it.

thanks to all.

i think diafol is right, i will try it.

let me know how you get on. looks interesting

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€96 after initial trial period. Not cheap, but there again, looks like a serious bit of software. I'm not endorsing it though.

you can also give this a try. Just use your command prompt type in the options, the location of the php files or project, type the output file e.g. file.exe , and you are good to go.

You can also add an icon for your converted executable php..

The downside is that you will have to distribute some dll files needed by your application e.g. curl dll.
It does not support php 5 and above.

Watch out for the php function RecursiveIteratorIterator.. I strongly advice you to stay away from using this, unless you have a really good intention behind your application.. would not elaborate on this, but I could already see where the endusers can be exploited by this type of application..

here is a good one... just a tiny snippet of this vulnerability

    $dir = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(
     new RecursiveDirectoryIterator('/',true)

    foreach($dir as $file){
        echo $file->getPathname(),"\n";

You run the script above, and you will see what are the things exposed from the enduser's files. Enduser files are exposed including the sitemanager.xml file for filezilla...

Watch out for what you wish for.....

thanks @veedeoo .
will give it a try.