Can any one help me

I have the data in the database and i retrive it using mysql_fetch_assoc using while loop and i am trying to display it it on HTML form it is not displayed can any one help me

U can find my script

global $Ans1, $Ans2, $Ans3, $Ans4, $Ans5, $comments;

$connect = mysql_connect("Localhost", "root", "") or die ("I am unable to conect with database because of".mysql_error());

$selectdb = mysql_select_db("moodledb") or die("I can't select the database because of".mysql_error());

$Join = "SELECT `mdl_al_sessionfeedback`.`sessionid`, `mdl_al_sessionfeedback`.`ans1`, `mdl_al_sessionfeedback`.`ans2`, 

`mdl_al_sessionfeedback`.`ans3`, `mdl_al_sessionfeedback`.`ans4`,`mdl_al_sessionfeedback`.`ans5`, 

`mdl_al_sessionfeedback`.`comments` FROM `mdl_al_sessionfeedback`, `mdl_al_sessions`  WHERE (`mdl_al_sessionfeedback`.`sessionid` = 
`mdl_al_sessions`.`alsessioncode`) ";

$result = mysql_query($Join) or die("Unable to execute the join query because of:".mysql_error());

$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);

$num = mysql_num_rows($result);

for($i=0; $i<$num; $i++)
        $Ans1  = mysql_result($result,$i,"ans1");
        $Ans2 = mysql_result($result,$i,"ans2"); 
		$Ans3  = mysql_result($result,$i,"ans3");
        $Ans4 = mysql_result($result,$i,"ans4"); 
		$Ans5  = mysql_result($result,$i,"ans5");
        $comments = mysql_result($result,$i,"comments"); 
		echo $comments;
		echo "<textarea name='txtComments' rows='2' cols='20' id='txtComments' value = '<?php $comments ?>'></textarea>";

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i think the last line is not correct...
try instead:

echo "<textarea name='txtComments' rows='2' cols='20' id='txtComments'><?php  echo $comments ?></textarea>";

textarea doesn't have value attribute...

Hi shanti

Here what my requirement is by executing the above sql query i got total 108 rersults

and i want display the comments one for one session and 5 Radio button values which is also featched from the same table and i have changed the lost line

printf("<textarea rows=4 cols=20>%s</textarea>\n<br>", $comments);

for every i got one text box along with the comment

and i am attaching my final form also

can u help me

in the form it display default radio button value instead of orginal values

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