Hello experts!!

I have this challenge. I need to display a popup window with some controls on the clicking of a button on a page. Thereafter the contents of these controls (textboxes) on the popup window are to be transfered into a gridview on the parent form.

Current status:
I am able to display the popup window on clicking a button on the parent form(which is actually a form displayed in a customized window) and Fill the data popup window with data. But I found that when I click the "ok" button(which persists the data to a database) on the popup window a new window is displayed with the same content of the popup window while leaving the popup intact.

The challenge:
I do not want another page displayed because of the obvious postback as a result of the clicking of a button

I want the instantaneous refresh of the gridview showing the data just persisted without the popup window "flinching"

Please find below a sample of how the popup window was created on clicking of a button the parent page

<script type="text/javascript">
     var formflds;
     function fCallDialog()                                             
     var j;
       j= showModalDialog("B.aspx",window,"status:no;dialogWidth:400px;dialogHeight:350px;unadorned:yes;help:no");


B.aspx contains a server button control and some text boxes.
Any Idea will be deeply appreciated
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this will only work in IE at best.

If thats not a problem then we need to see your "B.aspx" page to see what is going wrong.

If cross browser issue is a problem try looking into the "ajaxControlToolkit" available here. It contains a managed way of creating in page modal dialogs.

Thanks for your reply Fungus1487.

like I said "b.aspx" contains two text boxes and a command button. It is the clicking of this command button that the "illegal" reaction is produced.

Thanks for the referenced site. It gave quite a lot of ideas I am now reviewing. I will get back to you about any head way. Thanks once again
peace man!