I have a problem with my project.
The project search through the database and displays the results.
The problem is that I get question marks instead of GREEK letters (i do not mean rubbish, i mean Greek).
Suppose that the problem is not about encoding.
I have to find the command that displays the title of the product into the results page.
I finally found this :

            $tplv['idformat']="<A HREF=\"".$SETTINGS['siteurl']."item.php?id=".$row['id']."\">";
				$tplv['idformat'] .= "<SPAN CLASS=hg>";
			if($ISBOLD) {
				$tplv['idformat'] .= "<B>";
			$tplv['idformat'] .= stripslashes(htmlspecialchars($row['title']));
			if($ISBOLD) {
				$tplv['idformat'] .= "</B>";
				$tplv['idformat'] .= "</SPAN>";
			$tplv['idformat'].= "</FONT></A>";

I guess the problem is

$tplv['idformat'] .= stripslashes(htmlspecialchars($row['title']));

Is there the right place to be?
Please get a view at http://gr2.php.net/htmlentities

I attach the file that includes the previous code.

Thank you

The problem is not the database. I do import it with utf8 and all pages are utf8 encoded plus i used the meta charset tag.

The problem is with one single line
$tplv.= stripslashes(htmlspecialchars($row));
and changed it to
$tplv.= stripslashes(htmlspecialchars($row, ENT_COMPAT, "UTF-8"));

but again nothing happens.

Also, when i edit a page(e.g. my welcome page) where i write greek letters, it displayed correctly.
If i edit it again , my greek letters (only in editing mode) are written like
& # and three numbers, all without spaces.