Hello all,
Im trying to display an image to the right side of radio buttons. I kind of did it, but my OK button is too low now, which means I must have put this echo code in the middle of the radio button list or something.

Im an absolute php newbie and Ive been tryig to resolve this for some time now, but I just dont see what Im doing wrong... Can anyone help, please? Im posting my code... Thanx in advance.

echo "Voce koje ste izabrali: $choice";
$img=array("ananas"=>array("ananas","pineapple.jpg"), "jagode"=>array("jagode","strawberries.jpg"), "visnje"=>array("visnje","bcherries.jpg"), "lubenica"=>array("lubenica","watermelon.jpg"), "mandarine"=>array("mandarine","mandarines.jpg"), "limun"=>array("limun","lemon.jpg"), "mango"=>array("mango","mango.jpg"));

<div class="b" align="left" style="padding-left:15px;">

<form name="vocnaforma" method="POST" >
<b><i>Izaberite voce po zelji:</i></b>
foreach($img as $k=>$v){
echo "<input type='radio' name='choice' value='$k'";
echo 'checked="checked"';
echo "> $v[0] <br/>";
echo "<table align='center'><tr><td><img src=$imgsrc  height='95'></td></tr></table>";
<button name="submit" type="submit" > OK </n>


Ok, first off, W3schools recommend you use <input type="submit" ... /> tags inside forms for consistency across browsers. http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_button.asp (And what's with the </n> tag?)

So what exactly are you trying to achieve? Do you want the image next to the checked radio button only or just to the right of the whole list? You usually get flamed down for using tables to try and arrange the page how you want it so best not to use it like you are. (This is really an html problem..)

I would suggest maybe using a table with two td's, one for the radio buttons (and maybe the ok button) and one for the image, if that's what your after.


Thanx for the reply. What Im trying to do is -display an image next to the whole radio button list, depending on what button is clicked. I will try your suggestin and will let you know if I succeeded. Cheers :)