Hi, I am working on a web site using VWD 2005 Express Edition. As I wanted to host it on my own pc I followed the instructions of various tutorials and finally I succeeded in viewing it
by typing http://localhost/Alias/Index.aspx. Next I tried with the help of my son to view it from his pc. I told him to type the IP address followed by the Alias and Filename. Nothing. I am reading all the articles I can find on the Internet and become more and more confused. Do I need to register my IP address? What else am I supposed to do? Some articles make it sound so easy but it does not work. I will appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you. Carlo

try opening port 80 on your firewall. By typing http://your ip address you should automatically see the IIS page.

Hi, thank you very much for your advice. Now I have to ask you for further help. I have no idea how to go about opening port 80 on the Firewall. My pc has Windows XP Pro with SP2. Again thank you for your help. Carlo

Start -> Run -> firewall.cpl
Then Exceptions, add port 80.

That should open the port.