hi i m plannin to build a gaming web site using java.
so basicaly i want to know where to start from and the things i need to consider and are concerned for the same.

learn html, learn jsp's and servlets, choose a webserver
decide what you want on your site, what kind of DB (if any) you'll use to support and what frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, Struts, ...) can be usefull for you

start the project, write the functionalities you need, add a bit of images for the layout et voila, project finished.

If you would like to get an answer out of me that YOU think is more helpfull than this one, be just a tad more specific and at least pretend like you've done at least something for yourself.

If you're old enough to work on such a project, you're too old to be held by your hand 24/7, so we won't do that. you'll have to put some serious effort in this yourself as well.

if during your development, you come up against some errors you can't solve on your own, post code and error here, and we'll help you solve it, but until then ... good luck, think you'll need it

w3schools.com would be good point to start , but I doubt whether you can finish your project assignment in a month since you need to first learn the language.