:) Hi guys! I need a little umm assurance that I am not going crazy. Some advice or opinions would be great and appreciated!
I was making an easy to use webpage >> www.greenbolnyc.com/pearl4/commonshapes.htm
Basically its a gallery that uses disjoint images.

The javascript that controls the clickable functions can be found here: www.greenbolnyc.com/pearl4/script/thumbgallery.js

This script works great on Firefox but on IE when the security settings are on the highest level this script does not work. Basically the image will show up on the current page when the security level is not on "high", but when the IE security level is on "high" the image shows up on its on page by itself.

Has anyone had this problem before? If so is there a way around it? or Should I just hope that everyone does not have their IE security level on "high."

I currently have an IE fix script running but this does not help.

Look forward to your responses.

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I am not sure I would consider this a issue / bug. If the user has their JavaScript disabled, any scripts will not be executed (and most website use some form of JavaScript). Sure you could try make your site more robust for accounting for these situations, but it isn't your JavaScript. If you disable JavaScript in firefox you will get the same behaviour as you described (I tried it).

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