Hi guys, I have a media player that opens its own window and works fine with Firefox but it's not working for internet explorer. Been trying for ages and lots of different suppose solutions but still no go. The only thing that happens when you click the link is, bottom left - error on page. Any help would be much appreciated.

echo'<ahref="javascript:window.open(\'http://www.xstreameast.co.uk/player/index.php?listen_again='.$row['file'].'\',\'XSE Player\', \'width=650,height=375,top=0,left=0\');void(0);" class="article_link"><img src="images/listen.gif" width="46" height="8" alt="" border="0"></a>';

I've sorted it, all it was missing was 'XSE_Player not 'XSE Player

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