Hello to all who read this thread,

I am currently developing a PHP web application (alone) which has gotten to a point where I alone cannot do developing on it anymore. I plan on hiring people to develop for me.

My problem is I do not want to give away all of my code to anyone, but rather just give enough information so they can develop what I need. I want to make a module based system where I can tell the coder just the information, but the problem with that is all my code files are well connected with each other due to the fact I am used to coding for myself.

I have no idea where to start; I was thinking of making a SOAP based program but I am unsure on how to do that.
I have seen many web applications that allow other people to upload their modules and run them with the application. I basically need an idea on how or what type of logic people use to create these kinds of modular applications.

Any suggestion will be well appreciated.
BTW I am not a newb to DaniWeb; it is just that my friends started to figure out.

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Well for starters you wont be able to have a cohesive, trusting set of developers by hiding your code from them. It will make the code less compatible than it could be. Modularity is good to a point, then all it does is serve to obfuscate code, frustrate developers and make debugging more difficult. I would wholly recommend against that methodology. Is there a particular reason you don't want them to see your code?


Well the main reason I don't want to reveal the whole code is because the application has great potential and it is already producing money(decent amount for its age).

At this moment, I have about twenty features (modules) running. I alone can think of a lot of major improvements for the application and I am not even well experienced programmer as I am not a CIS major.

How would you suggest I can deal with "Trust" issue?

I am open to all suggestions. If anyone disagrees please tell why.
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Well there are better ways around protecting your code such as licensing and NDAs that allow developers to work on your code and still have it be yours.


OK I like the idea about licensing but how to you get the programmers to honer NDA.

Also what are some of the basics for Licensing and I am unfamiliar on how to do this.

sorry for the delay in response...

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