i need help in php

<a href="action.php?id='.$num.'">Text to be displayed</a>

Here i m not getting $num value when i print echo $_GET;

Use code tags.


<a href="action.php?id='.$num.'">Text to be displayed</a>


<a href="action.php?id=<?php echo $num; ?>">Text to be displayed</a>


I ask because you appear to be concatenating $num outside of a PHP block.

Always enclose PHP stuff into a PHP block. The code should be: <a href="action.php?id=<?php echo $num; ?>">Text to be displayed</a> or in this case printing a variable content: <a href="action.php?id=<?=$num?>">Text to be displayed</a> Ops. Scru and me the same response. You can use the last example too.

Great! its working. Thank you for ur help

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