i'm new to ASP.NET, been using PHP for a while but now getting into ASP.NET/C# and was wondering how i would go about accomplishing the task in the title. I'm still an ASP noob right now so any suggestions/help is welcome. To do something like this normally I would set onfocus on the textbox to show the calendar (i would probably get a pre-done css/js calendar from the web)

But since the calendar control is a server control i don't think that way will work and from what i've been reading so far i think i may have to create a custom control/extend the calendar control. Am I on the right path or what?

Any help/suggestions are welcome.

yeah you need to install ajax control toolkit, then you can easily integrate server side and client side functionality with the calendar found in the ajax control toolkit. you dont need to create custom control for this, it is already made ready for you.

thanks for the help guys, lol i didn't realize it was so simple :)

okay i set up the ajax control toolkit but i don't see the option to use the template under 'my templates'.

i'm using vwd 2008, any thoughts?

EDIT: never mind, it works regardless. After doing some reading i think there's some differences between vwd 2005 and 2008 and that might be one, it's working though, thanks for the help again

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