I have an aspx form. It works. It submits.
Now, without going into ANY OTHER FILE, I would like to add a field or two.
Is this possible?
I've tried it but those fields never send their data
I've tried copying a field and changing NAME to NAME2 but still won't work
Also this form that submits, it doesn't have a FORM statement. How is this fn possible????????
Going out of my mind.
Please help!

Any code in a code-behind page which could interrupt with your form?

Hi 4advanced,
I have compiled the .aspx source code and underneath that the generated HTML code in one txt file. Anyway I could get that to you?
I don't know how to file tx on this site. I don't think pasting code is a good idea either.

Hard to day. I didn't write the program yet I have to troubleshoot a non working form. That's the trouble with code behind I think. There are three files it inherits from, a masterpage, itself, and some dll file that I can;t open.

hmmm....did you checked that if you compile your application the base-codepages remain?
That's an option in visual studio....

Did you also copy the ASPX form ?
If you copied it, don't forget to rename its inherit, because still refers to the source file.