I am thinking to use Oscommerce. and i want to make some change as I want that "When user see products and like to order.User simply go to Contact us page and send email. Actually i want

"Add to cart" to "Contact us for more information and it go to contact us page"

All help will be really appracted. if there is other script avaliable.Please be advice for that too.

Thank you in advance

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Hi... I wish i could help you by giving a code.. By i know that oscommerce can be fully customized... But for that purpose you need to put in your efforts by understanding the way oscommerce is coded...

just go into the oscommerce code, see how it is build, see where the link to add_to_cart is.... And place your link there...
And create your own page, with the contact us form... and submit the form..

I know its really easy to say it here... but its really hard to understand the way it is coded.. But if you understand its coding once, you can do a lot with oscommerce....
All the best.. I will try to study this in mean time.. Will reply soon if i come to know something more about it..

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