Hey everyone, well ill be quickly...ive gotta a JSP page indexMembers.jsp with a button "Show My Reservations" when u click on that button it calls a JFrame (with a JTable inside) with the data from the databse that the user wrote before. now if i click on another button like Home button which refreshes the page , like it has a hyperling to the same page:

<a href="indexMembers.jsp">Home</a>

then, if u want to click the reservations button again to show the Table for a second time, it does not do anything...like i have put


to print something inside the method that the reservation button calls ...but it seems that i does not even calls the method ...summaryzing the button only works if u dont click on another different button ..weird :S dont knwo what to do anymore.. here's the buttong html code:

<form name="Validation" method="GET">
                                    <input name="username" type="hidden" value=<%= user%>> 
                                    <input name="button" type="hidden" value="verreserva">
                                    <input type="submit"  class="botoes"  value="Ver Reservas" tabindex="3">

i pass the right session to the Servlet then it sees if the value of the hidden input is "verreserva" -> "watchReservation" if it is then i do request.getParameter("username") and call the next methods..and so on.

Cant understand why it does not working after u click on a different button...cuz the other buttons work fine.

any idea?

it seems that the code inside that input disappears if u click on a different button...cuz after that it doesn't do anything not even to call another JSP

Calling method from JSP is not working why?

Because you messed up somewhere.

Quite simply you should learn a more polite way to ask questions and ideally read this essay by Eric Raymond to learn how you should ask questions so that more people start paying attention to you.

Post the code of the JSP page (at least the relevant parts) that YOU PERCEIVE to not be working and envelop them in [code=jsp] and [/code] tags, so that the syntax highlighting makes it more readable.