I would like to make a photo gallery using javascript.

Are there any tutorials out there?

This is what I wish for (but anything is better than nothing):
- Vertical Bar
- Auto Scrolling (mouse movement scrolls quicker on outsides and stops in middle)
- When clicking on one of the images, the image to the right is changed along with text

| |---| |--------| |
| | b | |image| |
| | a | |--------| |
| | r | | text | |
| |---| | text | |

Something like this I apologise for my bad ascii drawing :(

Thanks for any help, Regards X

Just giving giving diagrammatic example will not help. Put some code.

I dont have any code at the moment as I dont know how to approach this.

I think the bar might require ajax to be a continuous loop?

I have managed to create the others (which are not that hard) but the continuous loop bar containing images is a quite hard to develop.

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